Japonia Hortus by AN Design

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Work in Ishihara Kazuyuki Design Laboratory
Conduct AN Design and create gardens
Work in all around Japan and oversea as a gardener and garden designer
Learned gardening in Tokyo and Toronto, Canada
Enjoy traveling and visiting gardens
The First-Class Landscape Technician aprroved by the Japanese Government (ˆκ‹‰‘’‰€‹Z”\Žm)
The First-Class Landscape Execution Construction Management Engineer (ˆκ‹‰‘’‰€Ž{HŠΗ—‹ZŽm)


       I learned horticulture and Japanese gardening in Tokyo and landscaping inToronto; therefore, I understandboth Japanese and western garden styles and find interests in distinguishing the differences and mixing the twogarden cultures to make a new.

       The reason that I created this homepage isto organize my knowledge and photographs of the Japanesegarden and to help people oversea, especially those who would like to make a Japanese garden, to understandthe Japanese garden and to obtain ideas to make it.

       Also, this homepage can be used as database of Japanese garden. When I travel to gardens, first I lookphotos of the gardens and decide to go or not. Then I start to check address and phone number of the place forinputting to the car navigation. I posted this information in Visit Japanese Gardens page. The stars representingmy recommendation level is highly subjective, so please think it is just a reference.

       I have not had enough time to make all the contents in this homepage, yet I am going to fill in the homepagestep by step. Making Japanese Garden Object page need materials and a lot of photos; as a result, Ineed longtime to make the page though.

       I plan to make recommendation ranking of Japanese gardens and sentiments of them and to explain gardenmasters of each period of time and thought of Zen and ancient Japanese animism. Also, when I visit newgardens, I am going to add them to the page. New information will be posted in this page below.

       I hope you enjoy theis homepage and find some ideas and interests in the Japanese gardens.

       The homepage name Japonia Hortus means Japanese garden in Latin, imitating a botanical name. Strictlyspeaking, it is not direct translation of Japanese garden, yet somehow I like the sound of the name and decidedto choose it.

       Photograghs posted in the page are taken by my family and me. Please do whatever you like to do with thephotos. For business and web use please let me know. I prefer not to limit use of my photos about gardensbecause I, by myself, gather photos of gardens, landscapes and arts to create garden ideas. Therefore, I amhappy if the photos help you to understand the Japanese garden or to make your Japanese garden.
       If the photos posted in the page contain anything prohibited, Please let me know; I will delete them as soonas possible.

@@@Those days I have been very busy. When having a time, I visit gardens and take photos, but I have limitedtime to post them on this site. I hope you will be patient for the updating schedule of this site.

       This homepage is made as a private one, not backed up by my company. Thus, I am not puttingadvertisement of my company here, yet if anything I can do for your garden, I am willing to advice or prestntproposal.
       Also, if you have quesions about the page or Japanese garden, please send me a e-mail.


Exhibited work at the Paypay Dome Contest Gardens in Fukuoka

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