Japonia Hortus

key to understand the Japanese garden

Before Designing

       Making a new garden is not an easy job for the first time. It is normal that you lost what you do first. There aretwo preparations before making garden design.
       Knowing your site is the first step to make a garden. How isthe soil condition? Wet or dry? How much sun light does the siteget? And how big is the site?

       The site condition affects plants you can grow and activityyou can do in your garden. Some conditions you can change tomake your garden more comfortable for plants and your family;for example, you can put bark compost to improve soil quality, setirrigation system for dry area, and plant shade tree to limit sunlight. After understanding the site, think what you would like to doin your garden. Would you like to have lunch, let children to play,or look a beautiful garden from your living room?

       It is nice to create brief layout to see the size of structure youwould like in your garden; for example, if you would like to havelunch on a deck, think the size of deck enough for a table andchairs, and put it in the layout.

       About my garden, the soil was good and the land got full sun light except the space near hedge. The site verysmall, about 30 square mater including concrete porch, and was surrounded by evergreen hedge,Photinia xfraseri (Red Robin Photina) and existing trees were Japanese maple, Azalea and Hydrangea.
       I decide to put deck for relaxation place and dry landscape garden for quietness; I covered half of the gardenby deck and gravel to minimize the weeding.