Japonia Hortus

key to understand the Japanese garden

How to Make a Japanese Garden

       In this chapter, the process to make a Japanese garden is explained. The photos and plans are for a gardenI made seven years ago (it is not a pure Japanese garden but a mixture of Japanese and modern garden).

Before Designing
       Making a new garden is not an easy job for the first time. It isnormal that you are bewildered what you do first. There are twopreparations before making garden design.

Site evaluation

Designing a Garden
       Designing of a garden depends on site condition, yourrequirement and taste; there is no right or wrong design about agarden.

Asynmetric design
Focal points and lines

Setting a Stone Arrangement
       A stone arrangement is unique skill seen in Japanesegarden. Unlike functional stone work, such as step stones andstone retaining wall, a stone arrangement is purely art work; itshows the gardener's aesthetics and philosophy.

Stone setting
Arrangement of stones

Planting Trees  Under Construction
Way to plant trees
Functional trees in Japanese garden
Choosing right trees

Garden Object  Under Construction
Varieties of garden object
Way to make garden object
Banboo fence
Step stones
Nobedan (stone pavement)
Tsukubai (water feature)

Making a Small Garden  Under Construction
The law of perspective
Varieties of small garden